Monday, October 31, 2016

Those guys are still singing


I don't like them, but I love one of their older songs

I had never seen how they look, though

apparently the lead singer sounds like an emo boy

but looks like a lumberjack

that's an interesting combination

here is their last video so far:

that band is just too confusing


oh, and I just looked up in Wikipedia

the band is 10 years old

but that lumberjack is already their fourth lead singer

are their songs that emotional, that singers just can't sing them for a long time?

like I said

confusing band :)

the song that I love

since the band is confusing, then my explanation why I love that song should not be too confusing:

I love that song, because of the way he sings: how you became my life

hoooow yoooou became my liiiiiiiife


good guys :)

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