Monday, October 3, 2016

What do you mean you are not sure you want to?

You have to!

and that was, my dear friends, my elevator talk with the neighbor

the lovely lady, that lived next to us died, and her kids came to clean the apartment

I liked that woman a lot

we were good neighbors



I had seen her daughters no more than three-four times

and now one of those daughter just said it

first she asked: do you have kids?

and I answered with the whole honesty: No, I don't have and I am not yet completely sure, that I would like to


you should had seen her face when I said that

she truly believes, that every woman HAS TO have kids

that was a long elevator ride

I am having bad times with elevators lately :)

and she is not the only one

almost every mother I had ever met, always says to me: ohhh, you are getting older, you must already have kids, but don't worry, you will find a man


imagine the opposite situation

me going to every mother saying: ooohhhhh, you had a kid, poor you, you had to use protection! but don't worry, they grow up and leave you just like your man already did


not socially acceptable?


I truly don't understand that

is not that the choice you have to make?

and not the choice society force you to make?

my kid would be the best kid in the world

if I decide to have him/her

but it is my choice

and the choice of my man

not the daughter of the neighbor I had met several times


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