Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why are red lipsticks "for whores" only?

I just don't get it

"you look like a slut"

well, thank you, lady, whoever you are, have a nice day too


I was wearing eco leather short skirt and bright red lipstick

and apparently that is enough to be a whore

I dunno

are not girls who work in sex industry offended by that?

that primitive cliché?

red lipstick - must be whore

who taught you thinking like that?

like a pack of mindless creatures

somebody said - everybody repeat

it is like everything that some shy person is afraid to do - must be whorish

no, not shy person

shy people are awesome

let's say: some mindless hypocrites

oh no, I can't wear that skirt, so nobody should wear that

grow the fuck up, already

I am no longer angry at those comments, but I do believe, that somebody with less confidence can't be destroyed by those kind of words and become just another blank mindless person, judging people on the things they are not brave enough to do



if somebody called you a slut

just wish them a nice day and walk away like a Queen of sluts

because if you are a slut, then every slut is an awesome person

some people just need to spill out their inner garbage to somebody

and then call themselves "I am a good person, not like you, dirty slut"

Team red lipstick!

*my sister never had a red lipstick, because she truly believed red lipstick - must be whore, after seeing my love for reds she decided to find her perfect red lipstick

**you go, girl!

***she returned one of my favorites with the words: that is just too red for me

****at least she tried :)

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