Thursday, October 13, 2016

You know what is not fun?

chopping pistachios


being lazy ass that I am I tried to buy chopped pistachios, so I won't need to do it myself


if to sum up all the time I spent looking for chopped pistachios, it would be much longer than chopping it myself


I did not find it

I wanted to try new recipe that I thought was basic shit

grapes hidden in the layer of goat and milk cheese (mixed with a drop of mayonnaise) covered in chopped pistachios

how can it be more simple?

first I spent an eternity taking off grape's seeds (note to people: buy SEEDLESS grape)

then I had a huge fight with my cat

because he smelled cheese and was trying to steal that while I was looking for a knife to chop those pistachios

cat obviously won

so I surrendered and gave him couple of spoons of mixed cheese

and then couple more

and then I told him "but you are already faaaat"

and then I spent 5 minutes apologizing to the cat, because "I did not mean thaaaat"


he is still ignoring me


but then again, he ignores everybody, unless he is hungry

anyways, I wanted to make 15 grapes

spent 30 minutes chopping pistachios

chopped a lot

was enough only for 4 grapes :)

so now I have 11 naked in cheese grapes and 4 fancy ready to eat ones

cooking is haaaaaaaaard

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