Friday, November 25, 2016

I turn into a monster

when I play billiards

I do

I am not proud of it

but I am a complete jerk when I play

the evilness of my mean jokes are not even close to being acceptable

but it is good that my girls are the same :)

today we had photoshoot and after that went to play balls

our usual trio + 1 new girl

new for me, but she is an old friend of one of the girls

we played 2 rounds

1 of the games my team won (my YOU DON'T EVEN AIM!!! style continues, bringing luck, but the moment I start carefully aiming I always miss, that was my mistake, because no aim - ball in)

the second round we had technical loss: my partner sent black simultaneously with the white one

I still think it should be taken only as 0,5 win


anyways, after the game the new girl said, that we should shake hands, so that no "hard feelings" left

like waaaaaaaaat

the moment the game stops, we turn back into lovely girls and we are not angry at each other


when the next round begins it is always "our technical loss is the only chance you would ever win, and that is not even a real win" kind of jokes :)

no need to shake hands

we are awesome


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