Thursday, November 3, 2016

Is it the perfect toothpaste?

I am a big fan of Natura Siberica brand

mostly because of the name :)

Siberian blood, I have it :)

anyways, we have an official Natura Siberica shop now (in Viru Keskus, my dear Estonian friends)

I am a big fan of my teeth as well

I am constantly looking for that The One toothpaste

today I tried the new one

and, for real, I had tears in my eyes

not because I am sentimental

but because that toothpaste is so strong, that it makes your weak eyes cry

badass toothpaste



it has badass name as well

Arctic protection

and I think it deserves a round of applause for writing : helps to keep your teeth clean

not like those "keeps your teeth clean"


the truth

it helps, but if you do nothing to keep your teeth healthy, then it definitely won't help

a little piece of truth is always good to have in the sea of advertisement lies


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