Monday, November 21, 2016

"My husband does not like when I go out with you"

"because he thinks you look inappropriate"




I am so sorry

that you are the prisoner of your husband and he dictates who you can be friends with

I don't know

I don't understand what happened to a lot of the girls I know

marriage changes things


we were never close friends, but you have to have some common sense

that was the first time I had been baned from somebody


like, come oooon

I still don't think I look inappropriate

my dresses are short, but not thaaaaaaaat short, they cover everything that needs to be covered

and it is almost winter

my winter dresses are long

just because I prefer eco leather does not make a whore out of me

if your husband forbids you wearing dresses, I am sorry, but it is your husband's problems, not yours

but if you agree not to wear dresses, because your husband thinks you look inappropriate, well, darling, you need to do something with that

I am the whore friend




like grow up, already

people with their insecurities pushing them on other people


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