Wednesday, November 9, 2016

No, it is not

my search for the perfect toothpaste continues

after couple of times my teeth decided that Natura Siberica is just not strong enough

so I tried going in another direction

and bought a toothpaste with activated carbon microparticles (that super weird word combination I took straight from the package)

being part Russian who I am, I always believed in carbon miracles

that thing is just for every major problem with stomach (food poisoning)

so because it is so antibacterial I bought a toothpaste with it

this one

I used it three times

and now it is resting in the wasteland


there is absolutely nothing micro in those microparticles

when you brush your teeth you feel them in your mouth

and everytime that "micro" particle gets between your teeth for a second you think "was it my tooth???"

it is like the perfect toothpaste if you want to test your calmness


I had a period in my life, when my teeth were crushing

like almost falling apart piece by piece

and that "micro" particle thing takes me back to that time

I am sorry

but no


not for me

back to Siberica

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