Saturday, November 19, 2016

Not all fat people eat a lot

one of my friends gained a lot of weight

in her opinion

I think she looks great, not all people should be skinny

but she said that according to BMI she is officially overweight

and that is not good for your health

I asked what she eats

she told me what, how much and how often


comparing with what I eat, she must be 20kg total


she eats super healthy

I eat all forbidden products



junk food

all the products that make you fat

works fine with my metabolism


she thinks her problem is with hormones, but she got checked once, and everything was okay

that is weird

because she also goes to gym twice a week

I no longer think that fat people always eat a lot (like they show in The biggest looser)


sometimes something just does not work inside your body

no matter how hard you try

you just gain more weight

and that is sad :(

I told her the only thing I do, that probably helps me keeping my weight under the control no matter what I eat



not necessarily only water

I drink all non alcoholic drinks :)

the only drink, that I don't like is Coca Cola

the normal one

with gazillion of sugar

it just tastes bad in my opinion

but don't judge fat people

not all of them eat like insane

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