Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Beast is not ugly!

I had not really understood what was that hype all about

too ugly

too scary

it seems to me I have different world perspective

I thought "he is not even ugly" and then I read the comments

I find him pretty cute

charming :)

what scared me a lot: for a second, I thought it was Stewart from Twilight and not Emma

now that is a scary sign for a movie :)

people writing that movie will not be allowed for kids, because The Beast is that ugly


we were born in the times

dark times


when they did not really bothered with thinking what can bring nightmares to the kids

just look at this:

but that monster at least had sad face

now lets put it into hardcore mode

the pictures from the movies for the kids

sleep tight, my friends

that bear like thing still scares the shit out of me

do you still think The Beast is too scary? :)

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