Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Things, things, things

I am still having my massive cleaning session

and I am still throwing things away

to my surprise I threw away all of the things the man I thought I loved ever gave me

apparently they all either bring back bad memories or bring back no memories at all

threw away all of the letters we wrote to each other with my girls

all of the music bands posters

all of the tickets


not all

I still left couple of important ones, those that bring good memories

like some of Blues tickets (when I had something special at that game or after), one of Rise Against tickets (the Estonian one, when I first saw them live) and obviously Frank Turner ticket (from which you can barely read Frank Turner, because I had a dress with no pockets and had to put it inside my bra, and well, when I am at a concert, I am at the concert, fully drained after, you can use that ticket, in case you need my DNA sample)

you know what surprised me the most?


pictures, that I used to hate

now I put them in one wooden box and each picture takes me back to that exact moment

and it feels so good :)

even when you look like crap on that picture, you remember all of the good things from that moment :)

I need to take more pictures with my family and friends

most of the material things won't bring you good memories after 10 years

photos will always do that :)

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