Sunday, November 6, 2016

You are a very friendly family


thaaank yooooou


my sister and her son have birthdays at the same day, so they invited parents of her husband to celebrate with us

we first saw them at my sister's wedding :)

then, when her son turned one



we see them once a year

and they always tell us, that we are a wonderful family

or like they said "caring"

we are not one of those families who are with each other every single day telling every single thing

we are more like "I tell one, she tells another and in a day everybody know everything"


I have two sisters and I niece whom I am taking as my sister as well

and three nephews

 if you see us on the street you would never guess, that we are all blood related :)

we are different

but in the bad and in the good times we somehow transform into something big and solid

we are like transformers :)

when my mom was at the hospital I was the one sharing information with the others

because my mother called me furious telling me to call everybody and ask them not to call her anymore

because she could not been able to talk to the doctor without declining calls :)

we can annoy the shit out of people :)

and we annoy the shit out of ourselves as well

my mom always laughs when she hears how I talk with my niece

we are practicing humiliating a person without the use of curse words :)))

or telling compliments in a tone that suggests it is a sarcastic joke

and we do it weeeeell

but in the end we all know those are just jokes

we have the blood

and its ties are the strongest :)

I don't even remember when was the last time we had a fight

we have misunderstandings

but never in my adult life had I screamed at any of my family members

I love you all :)

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