Friday, November 18, 2016

You wanted big hair?

you got them


for the last couple of months I was wearing my hair straight only

therefore I used shampoos and other hair care products to help straightening them

yesterday I used a new shampoo

on the package I read "straightening"

in fact it was "strengthening"

my mistake only

Dr Konopka's shampoo (that's an Estonian brand, btw, somehow popular in Russia)

now today I woke up and when I was passing by the big mirror I stopped and my jaw dropped


a loooooooot of it

like a big cloud of hair

wavy of course

if you are Russian, then you will recognize this character :)

that's me before Dr Konopka's

and that's me after:

one wash

one was was enough to wash away all of the straightening products, that I was so carefully putting inside my hair

guess what's my favorite brand now?

Dr Konopka's!


if it can add sooooo much volume to my almost non existent hair

then imagine what if other products work as well


they do have special Volume shampoo

I can't imagine how much volume would that thing add more:)

costs around 2-4 EUR



gonna try them all

and apparently I am back to curly hair :)

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