Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Apathy, my old friend

something switched off my emotions

like a blank mind


the super sensitive person, who cries everytime I see anything I can cry about

it is like something took the eraser and erased all of the emotions

to some extent it is good living like that

constant chill

don't care about anything

sometimes don't even bother to answer the questions

it is like "Oh, well" kind of life

Columbus is one of the best teams?

Oh, well

been in Finland for three weeks and still had not visited any hockey game?

oh, well

that man was obviously trying to introduce himself to you?

oh, well

missed a bus?

oh, well

like, nothing


now I am gonna say something truly awful: I DO NOT CARE ABOUT CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS AND PRESENTS


the biggest Christmas lights admirer

I just don't give a smallest damn


just lights

nothing bringing

it is like if I used all of my emotional fuel and I did not find a source of new one

emotionally drained

I need Frank Turner :)

I guess Apathy missed me

so I will spend some time with that :)

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