Sunday, December 4, 2016

Do insects have a memory?

officially they don't

but something tells me they do

yesterday I had to organize the massacre of some crawling insects

you see

I live in a work apartment now

I cleaned my room and bathroom

and the fridge

and the stove (which is already dirty as hell, is it really thaaaaaaaaaaat hard to clean after yourself???)

but I can't clean the whole kitchen

because I am not leaving alone

and I don't know what I can throw away and what I can't

unless it starts decaying and rotting

then I throw it away without permission

the kitchen is dirty

it is

and the fact that you are walking in your shoes there don't help

I am talking about you

the silent smoker

anyways, yesterday while washing the dishes I saw something moving on the floor

and if you know me

you know how I react

I run away from the kitchen to my room cursing like an old pirate hoping to find something chemical to kill that thing

I found a stove cleaning spray

smelled it

felt chemical enough for me, so I used it on that thing

after it stopped crawling I took it away with endless amount of paper towels and saw another one

the same species

crawling to the murder scene

I remembered all the rest of the curse words and sprayed it too

it tried to run away

but stove spray was stronger

and when I killed it guess what happened


the third one showed

and I felt like a mass murderer killing the whole family

it was baaaaaaaaaaad

for the rest of the day I was looking on the floor waiting the rest of the family to show up

now here is the question

how to tell my roomie to stop being such a dirty pig and start cleaning after himself, before we have an army of insects?

I am not his freaking servant to clean after him

but I want to walk in the apartment without the fear of stepping on something

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