Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Japanese horror movies

you all know them

you all watched them

and lets admit it: they scared the shit out of you


the two stood out the most

let me remind you

probably the most famous Japanese movie

Ringu (aka The Ring)


Ju-On (aka The Grudge)

now it was obviously only a matter of time, when they make a crossover of those movies

this year they did it

Sadako vs Kayako

I watched that movie yesterday

it was an extremely confusing movie

for the first whole hour I just laughed

I laughed a looooooooooot

at some point I thought it was some parody movie, because it was such a non-sense

I had not watched the last movies in the series, so I had not understood why there was a completely different video on the tape, why Sadako's well changed its location and why from the week they went to only 2 days

and Kayako seemed, like, you know, tired :)


If to put up scores, I would score it 3/10 for the first hour of the movie

and 8/10 for the last 30 minutes

we were laughing that hour, but for the last 30 minutes we were actually watching the movie almost breathless

I choose Sadako (because at least she walks and looks good enough and politely calls you to remind you that you will die in 7 days or nowadays in two days)

my niece choose Kayako (because she was afraid of Toshio, when she was a kid)

and when you have two Japanese pale girls with long black hair it is sometimes impossible to understand who is on the screen

was it my girl, was it hers?

the last 30 minutes were intense

really intense

each one of those girls are scary enough, but when you put two of them in one location, well, you must be super stupid to do that and expect something good out of that


I would not spoil the ending

I won't say who won

but if you want to see something jaw dropping then watch the last 30 minutes of that movie, ignoring that impossibly illogical first hour


Team Sadakoooo!


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