Monday, December 5, 2016


you know something is not right, when you hear the sound of opening door and all you can think of is "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

I was sure my roomie would be gone for two more days

but he is back

still ignoring the basics of cleaning

but hey

at least he washes dishes after himself

that's good

as for my little black neighbours

I killed two yesterday and one today

need to find their nest

but how?

I would have had organized my chemical war, but I can't


and my chemical attack in the kitchen will kill my roomie

who refuses to use the empty room



I feel like a bitch

but you have to have some common sense

and when you sleep so close to the floor (he sleeps on the mattress in the living room, when he could had been sleeping in the bed in the room) at some point you have to notice those creepy insects

but apparently he is so chill

that he does not bother about it

maybe I need to take some chill lessons from him

annoys the shit out of me

I don't want to be the free cleaning lady

but I can't be living in this mess

today they are in the kitchen

tomorrow they can be in my room

I probably need to organize my own army of spiders

spiders are cool

and they will protect me from other creepy crap

whyyyyyyyyy did you come baaaaaack todaaaaaaay

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