Monday, December 26, 2016

Once you go black

you know how it ends :)

but I am not talking about people now

I am confessing that I am officially spoiled woman

who discovered her love to Chanel make up products

I bought Vitalumiere loose powder

this beauty
the consultant suggested number 20, so I bought it

when I applied it I spent eternity looking at the mirror thinking "loose powder can be sooooooo peeeeeeeeeeeerfeeeeeeect"

the mini kabuki brush is perfect for applying powder

the powder makes your skin perfectly even and smooth

and it lasts for at least 10 hours

but consultant was wrong about the shade

it is too dark for me

so I bought Rimmel Match perfection to lighten up the Chanel shade

it is good

good as mass market powder can be

but I cried deep down inside every time I applied it after Vitalumiere

it is like you put perfection to your face

and then a cement to make your face not that dark

on the way back home I bought shade 10


I now have 2 Chanel powders

with the ship discounts each one of them costs 56 eur

I now have -3eur on my Finnish bank account

do I regret it?

absolutely not

worth it

the powder worth its money

and I am worth that powder :)

hopefully they don't forget to pay me my salary


I need to buy a couple more presents


my perfect powder is Chanel

my perfect mascara is Dior


how can I be more label-fan girl?

I tell you how

I love he product

not the names

Chanel mascaras are disastrous

but their loose powder is perfection

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