Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I am still wondering why they do not tell that at school

plain information about history - you have it

tons of unnecessary definitions - you have it

interesting facts - NO

I am 30 years old

well educated

but today was the day when I leaned that Ireland has no snakes

There are NO SNAKES in Ireland

imagine the place where you can go to the forest without the need to constantly performing snake-check


Ireland is that place

you are awesome, Ireland!
Animals that reached Ireland before the sea became an impassible barrier included brown bears, wild boars, and lynxes—but "snakes never made it"
add some wolves and you will have the perfect animal pack :)

Link to National Geographic article

I personally don't mind snakes

for some reasons I respect them like the spiders

but if you want to live somewhere snake-free - Ireland is your choice!

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