Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Something is silently eating free space on your local disk?

must be Opera

I have a notebook, that I chose solely based on the sizes

my travel book

it is pretty decent, but stable

the only problem was, that it comes with 32Gb hard drive


you read it right :) back to the 90's!


anyways, that was enough for me, because I have The Big computer at home

this one is for watching movies :)

I won't be screaming and crying after I saw how much of a free space I actually have, when I first turned it on

preinstalled Win8 takes its bite


still was enough for me

couple of days ago I realized, that I don't have music, I don't have videos, I don't have games or any heavy programs and I still only have 1Gb of free space

like wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere is my limited space?

uninstalled everything I don't need

still the same size

check my computer with antivirus and anti-malware


and then I remembered that many years ago I used very simple, yet very powerful program Space Monger, that shows the space usage in simple squares

decided to find it, found it

read the reviews

and in the comments somebody suggested better and faster free program of same kind

Space Sniffer!

here is the link

it showed me my problem right away

Opera temporary files

a looooooooot of them

some with the 1Gb size

there was all of my space :)

I said it before and I say it again

Opera was destroyed the moment Google interrupted

I still use it though

it is like with the old thing

new is better, but you already got attached to the old one

after seeing that disaster I am thinking about exploring new options

are there any new stable browsers not linked to Google?

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