Thursday, December 8, 2016

Spiders, spiders, spiders

for a person, who is afraid of insects I am writing about them way too often

but spiders are not insects, they belong to Arachnida class

which, technically, is not insects



remember I was talking about my own army of spiders?


you can think what you want

but yesterday I found TWO spiders in my room



I lived there for two months and never had any spider in my room

and just after writing that post I got two


I am one of those weirdos, who respect spiders

for some reasons I just do

I did not want to sleep in the same room with them, though

so I took the paper, caught them on that paper and released them

and when I was sitting with that paper with the door opened trying to make them crawl away from that paper to the street I thought, well, I probably look weird now, releasing spiders on the cold (which probably will kill them)

so I googled it, trying to explain my actions

and hell yes, I found one

in old Russia spiders were considered to protect the home they are living against bad influence

pretty much bringing luck

aaaaaaaaaand also catching insects

it was not recommended to take the spider web off or even kill the spider

if, for some reasons, you did not want to live with the spider, you needed to release it back to the nature, without hurting it


genetic memory I have?


spiders are awesome

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