Sunday, December 18, 2016

The art of choosing gifts

I love buying gifts

I had never had troubles with that

but I need the time to chose wisely

therefore I hate when somebody calls me last moment with the words "hey, I have a birthday party tomorrow and you are invited"


I myself create a mental picture of a person I am going to get a gift

like a projection of that person and I start putting everything I know about that person on that projection

everything I learned for the last year

everything I heard and remember about that person

then I am starting mentally applying objects to that projection

does it suit him/her?

does he/she want it?

and in the end I have a couple of options from what I chose based on my budget

I don't like when people ordering gifts

for me it is more like "if you know what you need, then just go to the freaking shop and buy that freaking thing"

but it makes life so much more easier

so I always ask if they expect something

I don't like it

but I am lazy ass :)

it is a mystery for me, why do you wait for some special date to get the thing you really need

Gifts for me are things, that you don't need, but you want, but you realize you don't want to buy them, because it would be a waste of money

but you still would wanna have it :)

I don't think food, clothes, medical things and other necessary things are a gift

no matter how much it costs

have nothing against accessories, thou

the millionth bag that you want, but you understand that you already have 999 999 other ones would make a great gift


there are three things that I love, but already have way too much


hand creams

and lipsticks


I commited a crime

I ordered a gift

because I want it

but I have dozens of others

but I want this one

because of the package

only because of it

it is haunting me

Blue Q

hoooooooooow awesome that bear is?

extremely awesome


hand shit

why had not I bought it?

because I like fig, but not a big fan of jasmine

so couple of months ago I bought this one:

 because I love lilac :)

I love the package

not the cream itself

so it would be absurd to buy another one

only because of the package


that would make it a perfect gift for me

do I need it?


do I want it

hell yes :)

but it is out of stock

so not this time, not this time


invest your time in thinking about a person you are giving the gift to

sometimes I give those kind of "here is you fucking gift, just fuck off already" kind of attitude gifts

and you understand it right away




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