Thursday, January 5, 2017

Are you a candy?

I tried

I really really tried

but still can't understand why people are so afraid of rain or snow

I am trying not to judge people

and I am getting better in it


each time I see a man running under the roof of some structure to hide from the rain or snow I instantly label him Little Sucker

I do

and I am not sorry for that

especially since Vikings are such a popular theme lately

imagine old time Viking running from the rain

I can't

I just don't understand why are you so afraid of getting wet

how else can you improve your immune system if not by training it?

and running from every little dangerous thing is not gonna help you

I don't know

I am working outside in every weather condition (once I stood on one of my legs, because it was too cold to have both of them on the ground at the same time)

I have some occasional close to flu conditions

mostly in Autumn

but I had never taken a sick leave

and I am working outside

and I am wearing dresses

and I am not wearing hats


maaaaaaaaaaaay be

juuuuuuuuust maaaaaaaaay be

if a girl with weak immunity (because of diabetes) can train it into something pretty stable

maaaaaaaaaaay be

juuuuust maaaaaaaaaay be

you should not be a little sucker and grow some immune system :)

winter is such a wonderful time of the year

if you are not hiding from it :)

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