Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If it is working

don't freaking change anything in it


I made the same mistake that I had done last year

because of "you should take additional vitamins if you are vegetarian" kind of crap

last year I had overdose of some vitamin, when I was taking multivitamins

I still remember that itching

this time I decided that I won't take multi, but stay with veggie Omega 3-6 supplements


one week was enough for me to get covered in some skin irritation

it is like if I am allergic to vitamins :)

I eat a lot of crap and not enough proper meals

I have no freaking idea from where do I get all the stuff I need

but apparently I am perfectly fine

and extra dose of useful things breaks me down

after all of those publications about how hard it is to stay healthy while being vegetarian I feel uncomfortable not taking some supplements

I usually stick with C vitamin, because I like the taste of that :)

I guess I need to go back to Calcium, to show my brain, that I am a good person, who cares about her body :)

but first I need to get that rash off

stupid Omega

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