Monday, January 9, 2017

If you want your life to be better

just don't do the things you don't like

simple as that

and so damn complicated at the same time :)

I often read magazines

in all four languages, but my favourite is Russian SNC

but sometimes I buy Elle Russia

and the last one had one very interesting interview in it

if you know Russian here is the direct link

for the mortals, who don't know Russian here are the six simple rules how to make your life great

  1. Do only what you want to do
  2. Don't do anything you don't want to do
  3. Say right away, if you don't like something
  4. Don't answer, if you are not asked to
  5. Answer only to questions
  6. When talking about relationship with your partner - talk only about yourself 

the first three ones are so logical, but it never occurred to me, that you can do that

I am already applying that in small ways

you have to start with something, don't you?

as for numbers 4 and 5 - they confuse me a lot

it is the direct translation, but it sounds so weird

so, you basically have to answer to direct questions only, without talking in


when you are discussing something, do you need to wait for them to ask directly "and what do you think about that, Jana?" to say what you wanted to say?

but it conflicts with the number three, if I don't like something you are saying, I need to vocalize that, but if I want to say it, I need to wait for a question :)

I need to think about that

but as for now, the first three looks perfectly fine for me

I am going to do my life half better, I guess :)

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