Monday, January 30, 2017

Now this is not the music I am usually listening to

but I love this song

M-Dot - Shine Ft. Method Man, Dominique Larue

I am still dying a little inside, when I see what kind of "rap" music is popular today

hopefully this song gets more attention

and no

I have no idea how one minute I can listen to Open surgery (highly recommend listening to The Effects of Napalm on Human Flesh song)

the next one some blues rock

Rocky Athas Group - Slow Driver (thaaat song has some pretty cheesy lyrics, but I still love it :)

then switch to old good country

followed by Celtic punk

add some classics

and classic rock

aaaand rap music

my playlist may look like a playlist of some insane person

can I have a split musical personality?


I just appreciate good music :)

of every genre

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