Thursday, January 12, 2017

Public transport contest

do you use public transport?

if yes, have you ever had that feeling, when somebody walks in and this happens:

that person just freezes for a while thinking "to sit with somebody or stand alone"

and you are sitting

and you are feeling like participating in some sort of contest: am I good enough to sit with me?


stupid feeling, but it is what it is:)

I am usually choosing some older person to sit with

but I am quite often losing in the sitting contest

usually among the last ones to be sit with


I have a 30 minute ride to work, so I have plenty of time to observe and make conclusions

first: Finnish people tend not to sit with somebody wearing colour clothes

I have absolutely no idea why

but during summer when the bus was full and I was wearing green or yellow or red dress I usually sat alone or with my red brother

the man who wore a lot of different red clothes always chose my sit :)

we were the red team :)

or nice girl with yellow jacket

awesome jacket

same situation :)

when I am wearing black people always sit with me

second: people tend not to sit with somebody who is smiling

I guess it may feel like if I am laughing at them, but I have no idea what they are thinking

I am usually listening to radio or my playlist and some song always make me smile, but I guess it may be taken as insult, I dunno

third: when somebody is passing by and you don't want to sit with him/her, just make a direct eye contact, it is almost 100% guarantee, that person would not sit with you :)

so, if you are Finnish, wear colour clothes, make direct eye contact and smile a lot if you want to sit alone :)

jos olisin liiiiiiiiiiintuuuuuu

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