Monday, January 16, 2017

"Today is going to be the best day of my life!"

I read an article about one very old lady, who always answers to the question: How is it possible to live for so long? with the line "Every morning after waking up I am telling myself - Today is going to be the best day of my life!

of course I decided to try that out


the first day was Friday 13'th

yeah, just the right time to start a happy life


it was a decent day filled with dozens of little annoying things, that usually don't happen with me

if every little thing could had gone wrong - it indeed went

okay, I said to myself, maybe subconsciously I expected that day to be bad, because of the date

so I tried it once again the next morning

waking up being all that happy and positive

closer to the end of the day I was cursing like a sailor, because eeeeeeeeeeeeverything went wrong

and the amount of times that I dropped something was way beyond appropriate

but the bad day had to had an epic finale

and it had

I went buying some groceries and I took a pack of cola zero

this one:

I had bought it for I don't even know how many times

not once that paper thing that connects the bottles were torn apart


it is a solid thing to grab the bottles and put it into you shopping basket


those bottles did not know yet, that I had The Best Day of My Life!

so when I was putting them into the basket that thing kinda broke

and the bottles fell to the floor

the bottles are plastic

the floor is not tiled, but pretty soft too

what bad could had happened!

I tell you what :)

double cola fountain!!!

the cork from the first bottle magically flew away and it started erupting

the second bottle with the help of some magical creatures got TWO LITTLE HOLES on the sides and started spinning and sprinkling its insides to every direction


the row was narrow

I had nowhere to escape so fast

I just stood there being watered like a plant :)

with cola zero

from two bottles

and that was the moment when I decided: not gonna try that The best day of my life method anymore


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