Monday, January 16, 2017

What if your life depended on your career choice?

I had a weird dream today (like, all my dreams are weird, but this one stood out)

a lot of blood, a lot of dying people, a lot of water, a lot of green

but I remember my dreams for a long time after I wake up, so I had a chance to think about that

the point of my dream was the speech one person gave me there

the reason why people were dying is because they were working not on the jobs they love, but on the jobs they got

they were dying with pain

but fast

and that person asked me: if you were to choose one job, the right job, the job that you desire the most, no matter what job it is, what would you choose?

and he showed me, that if I pick the wrong one I would die right away


imagine the world, when that could be possible

if you are not doing what you love - you die

simple as that

but then again, are not we all dying slowly doing the things we don't really love doing?

I do not know who that man was (the man in my dream, I don't know him personally)

but he got me thinking a lot

what job would you choose?

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