Thursday, February 16, 2017


is the number of my favourite bus

and not because it is 3 4 5 aka Pythagorean triples aka 3:4:5 triangle

and already only that can be enough to be my favourite bus

but because it makes my life easier

do I use that bus?



I live in the middle of nowhere and public transport options are very limited

I am usually using 322

but in order to catch another bus (I need to change buses to get to work) my 322 must be on time

and I am not talking about minutes, no, it is more seconds like thing :)

if I don't want to wait another 15 minutes to get the second bus

so I am usually missing 59 bus, because my 322 was 10-15 seconds late

but the moment I see 345 I know I will be on time

because if I see 345, that means it is moving ahead of us and it is collecting all the passengers my bus could have had to collect

and we skip those bus stops and I am able to catch 59 bus

it is like with people

you are not together, but you are moving on the same road parallel to each other

and you don't really need that person

you would be fine without that person

but life sucks just a little less, when you have that person next to you :)

thank you, 345 bus for making my life less miserable


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