Saturday, February 11, 2017

Are clouds alive???

another crazy theory from the crazy people living in the crazy world

and I am just crazy enough to believe in it for a little bit :)

there is a theory that clouds are like our mother Earth spies

like if they are silently gathering information about what the hell is going on on the surface

and occasionally help people :)

or kill people

I do believe that our biosphere is something close to perfect system, that can control itself

and if people are multiplying so fast and destroying it even faster - then it is needed

some sort of "it is always darkest before the dawn"

or "your face looks like a bloody mess right after chemical peeling, but then you will have baby skin"

that kind of thing

bad news for us

but we are so insignificant in terms of eternity, that meh, at least we lived


anyways, I know how to use Google and I am not afraid of doing it


for those of you, who skipped school on the day they talked about clouds here is the short summary that you need to know : clouds are water vapour and ice-crystals

clouds indeed, can be classified as living objects

but not because they are animals

but because they are the carriers of bacteria and sometimes fungi, providing them needed resources

it is obviously not scientifically approved and admitted, that clouds are alive

that would be super weird

and then sea water and lake water and pretty much every kind of water and winds should be classified as living objects


I do believe they are alive :)

just not in the regular way :)

there is carbon life

there is silicon life

why can they add some type of life that includes our clouds?


and every single time you look up and see a cloud


it might be watching you

who knows


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