Sunday, February 12, 2017


I love trains more than I love sailing ships

mostly because I have a tendency to suffer from sea sickness each time the wind is stronger than expected

and we have big solid ships who can handle those kind of winds

so thinking about going to sailing ship makes my stomach do crazy things


but lets talk about Pamir

Pamir was the last commercial sailing ship

and even though you should never use those two words in one sentence : She was huuuuuge


to my dear landlubbers: when you talk about the ships, you should use "she"

we have a lot of wooden ships at home

but they are all those normal sized sailing ships

like this one

I have never thought, that sailing ship can actually be so big

juuuuust loooooooook aaaaat heeeeeer

unfortunately, she sunk off the Azores in 1957



some of you were born before the last commercial sailing ship was still sailing



just think about that

in 1961 the first human was placed into space

just 4 years after the last commercial sailing ship ended her job


now I am considering myself a brave woman

but something tells me I would had run away screaming like a little girl if I saw that ship


just look at those sails


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