Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wanna have a day full of adventures for free?

I have a solution!

Leave your phone at home!!!

those were the most helpless I felt in a looooong time

it started with the milk

Every morning I drink a glass of milk (+glass of juice +glass of yoghurt, I drink a looooooooot in the morning)

in the evening looking through the products in the fridge I understood that I run out of milk, so I went to the nearest store to get one

I was already dressed up, when I noticed I left both of my phones on the other side of the room

well, I am a lazy ass, I was already in my boots and I had no desire to take them off, so I decided, meh, the store is 5 minutes away, I don't need a phone for going this close

went to the store

they did not have the type of milk I am drinking and I did not want to take the ones they had (they taste so baaaad), so I decided to go the to big store which is 15 minutes away if you are going by bus

went to the bust stop

decided to check the timetable from my phone

remembered that I left the phones at home

so I went to check the paper timetables on the bus stop

froze for a moment, because I had absolutely no idea what time is it


what was the last time you felt like if you are completely helpless?

mine was on the bus stop :)

you look at the paper and have no idea when the bus comes

you have no idea what time it is

I was already moving toward home to take the phones, when I saw the bus coming

not the one I needed

but the one that goes to the railway station

and they have clocks there

you see, I  live in the middle of nowhere, in the evenings buses here come once in 30 minutes (two buses come almost at the same time and then you wait for half an hour if you missed those ones), so I could not miss a chance to go to the store

and I took my chance

finally got to the shop and bought my milk

the way back home was even more complicated :)

I have three buses I can take

each one of them are on different railway stations

I usually check my phone to know which comes first and what on what station should I be going off the train


there are clocks in the shop and timetables, but my only bus, that comes from that place was in 40 minutes

not cool

so I decided to play russian roulette and pick one station of the two that I had

picked the one

the bus was in 30 minutes

cursed like a little sailor, took the train and went to another station (those stations are located very close to each other, when you go by train)

waited the train for 10 minutes

then another 15 minutes for a bus

was close to being frozen

and very angry

how do people live without phones now?



if such a simple action like going for groceries take so much time and so much nerves


I am wondering now, is it possible to live in a big city when you have no phone

I am planning to make phone free days

but then again

I need to buy hand watches

and alarm clock

and write down bus timetables from every bus stops that I use

and that I need only to wake up in the weekend morning and go to the store

I have no idea how people now communicate with the world without phones

if you take away the computers too

then it would be hard as hell

but interesting at the same time

or take it to another level

and live one single day without electricity in the city


life can be so interesting without even spending money to make it interesting

we should play that middle age game


open fire and no electricity

but first

where do people buy alarm clocks now?


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