Thursday, April 20, 2017

I believe I was in space tonight


it was one of those dreams, when you feel absolutely real in those unreal surroundings

and I want to believe it was all real

because it felt so right

like if I had found my place


not gonna tell what I saw

but the answer to the question : The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

is not 42

for me it is "being happy and never letting go the people who make you happy"


simple as that

I have a new hobby now

much more interesting than any reality show

ISS live

and I feel terribly sad, that I need to explain that ISS is not those sick bastards, but rather glorious International Space Station

here is the official stream that they have 24/7

here is the link

and believe me or not

but I can watch that for hours

even if they are just cruising over our planet

I love listening to their talks

and I was surprised to know, that sometimes they argue like normal people do :)

something like: I had not understood, do I need to put the new pipe or connect it to the old one?

and Moscow people trying to explain what to do

and he asks multiply times to be sure

they usually speak Russian, but with on time translation to English

I told ya

better than reality show


sometimes they are doing their thing outside the ISS

and we have videos from their helmets (better watch those ones on YouTube)

we are expecting the delivery early Saturday morning :)

I hope they will show the docking process in all of its glory

I sincerely don't understand why people waste their lives on religion

and wars

and destroying our nature

when here it is

here is the future

here is the present

but we prefer to live in the past

and that is sad

that does not make me happier

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