Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dear Columbus Blue Jackets

what the hell


I had not seen any game yet, but is it possible, that you decided to be like Espoo Blues (who lost again as well) and not win a game unless I watch it?

coooome ooooooon

four games played

0 wins



BOOOOOOBROOOOVSKYYYYYY!!!! what the hell is going on with you???

I heard the rumours, that he was thinking about going back to Russia, because his wife wants to go back

you know what

I am sure now, that every problem with athletes are because of their wives

some of them lie about domestic violence (you know who)

some of them force his man to change teams or even countries (are you one of them, Bob's wife???)

and I know it was not only his fault, because with the defensemen who defence nothing and forwards who forward nothing, but the lost hope we can't really win anything

at least our coach is trying to find new solutions

but should you not do that in the pre-season?

my team is falling apart

so get your shit together

and win that damned Stanley

we are the fifth line

and we are going to help you

but you need to help us too

stop being to emotional and lets play the game like we do

with confidence and style and respect

we believe in you

and lets forget those 4 games

Jana is back with you now

it is time to play good hockey


the one we played before

Bobrovsky, we believe in you and don't close your mind and torture yourself with self doubt

You are an outstanding goaltender and we know you will find your game eventually

Dear Columbus Blue Jackets, We Will Win Stanley Cup this season

without any doubts

For those about to rock





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