Thursday, October 15, 2015

Weather forecasts and hair

they spend so much money on forecasts

or app developments

I have two weather apps on my phone and both of them told me yesterday, that today air will be dry

when I read that I usually straighten my hair, because I know it will stay straight


apparently you can hire my hair to be your forecast specialist

because I was surprised how hard was it this morning to straighten them

it instantly go back being wavy

I checked the weather apps again

same dry weather

looked out of the window, felt like a normal morning


my hair started curling before I even got to work and then the weather changed and there was fog


my hair knew the humidity will be high long before the weather apps :)

I have built in humidity sensor

my hair:)

wanna know humidity in Helsinki, don't trust apps, call me and my hair will give you an answer

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